Workshop: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Workshop: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Interactive 3-hour workshop
Intimate in-person location in Hilversum
Tickets 39,- incl coffee, tea and cake

Join me for a fun and interactive afternoon, where you will learn:

After a very successful online workshop on Setting Boundaries last year, I'm super excited to announce another training on this so relevant topic in-person this time! I found a wonderful intimate space in Hilversum that will be perfect for a group up to 12 people: Het Ontwerpfabriekje.

About boundaries:

For many people setting boundaries is a challenging topic. They feel:
* it is about DISAPPOINTING people,
* having to say NO to someone,
* something around being SELFISH.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Setting boundaries can be a very liberating experience, both for yourself as well as for the people around you. Just imagine
* honouring your VALUES,
* creating more space for YOU,
* other people UNDERSTANDING your intentions and motivations.

Setting Healthy Boundaries is all about self-care, choosing you first. Only then you are able to take good care of others as well.

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